Patented Advanced Adaptative Technology

The revolutionary SwissFlow frictionless fluid metering technology is patented and cannot be sourced from other vendors. The central design feature is a small lightweight rotor that is fitted unattached in a cylindrical housing.


Flow formers at the inlet of the cylinder generate a controlled and constant swirl that causes the rotor to float in the flow stream of the metered fluid. This free rotation is almost without friction and proportionate to the fluid throughput.


The rotation interrupts an infrared signal that provides a direct pulse output. The infrared beam is generated by a diode and detected by a phototransistor on integrated electronics.


The electronics are welded in between the rotor housing and an outer housing, isolating them from external infrared distortions.


This simple but robust design creates unique flow sensors with an excellent price-performance ratio, which have proven themselves in a large number of applications as highly accurate, versatile and durable.

  • Accurate: the turbine floats freely in the metered fluid, so no distortion from friction and high linearity. Swissflow sensors do not have to be calibrated
  • Versatile: the sensor is suitable for a large variety of liquids and applications and can be installed in any angle or position
  • Durable: there is no wear and tear from internal friction and the high grade composite material is not affected by limescale
Contrary to many other fluid flow measurement systems, Swissflow sensors do not have to be calibrated.




As one of our customers put it:

"What is currently missing is a reliable, accurate and affordable flow meter such as the SF800. The SF800 provides very little flow resistance and as such, is an ideal meter to use in a PC cooling system […..] to monitor flow rate and to provide an emergency shutdown (via a 3rd party software program) in the event of pump failure or coolant leak."


"I have read about other people who have bought your flowmeters for this application (Computer Watercooling) and have had nothing but good things to say about them."

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Price includes 2 John guest speed fit connectors that ship with each SF800 sensor