Real World Applications

Food and Beverage

Post mixed beverage systems, bar management systems, dosage regulating systems: These are some of the more common implementations of our flow meters. All of the parts which come into contact with the medium are made of PVDF or VECTRA. Both of these synthetic materials will not be affected by most organic acids and basic fluids; neither will alcohols, aromatic carbohydrates. Because the sensors are small and can be installed in any position, they can easily be fitted into various existing systems too.
application Some Examples:

  • This particular company uses Swissflow sensors for inventory management systems. (
  • A company whose products focus on managing and monitoring spirit liquor, draught beer, cask wine and soda fountain cold drinks by using Swissflow flowmeters. (Visit Site)
  • Yelp Engineering section, during their previous hackathon, turned to the Swissflow SF800 flowmeter to build their interactive Kegmate. Yelp Engineering Blog
  • Swissflow sensors were used in the excellent KegDroid beer dispensing system as featured on Makezine. Check out the cool introduction video on YouTube for some extra information

Cooling Systems

Swissflow sensors produce excellent results in water-cooled regulating systems. Not only in computerised systems, but also in high-grade industrial liquid based cooling systems. Flow-rate difference are detected highly accurately and direct.
Some Examples:

  • Application-oriented systems and services for laser and waterjet cutting, as well as for bending industry. (Visit Site)
  • One of the world's largest particle physics laboratories, where the fundamental nature of matter is being researched. When precise measurements are needed by the world's leading scientists, they rely on Swissflow. (Visit Site)

Other Popular Applications

  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Lubrication systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Hot-water appliances
  • Fuel Measurement

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