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Due to popular demand, we have now added the ability to order our best seller, the SF800, directly from the website. Order now through Paypal, the easy and secure way to get your hand on our high grade flow meters

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Current Products

The SF800 is a general-purpose flow meter that is suitable for a wide variety of application and fluids fluids.
For more demanding environments, the SF800/6 high-pressure variant with extra metal enclosure has the same wide measuring range at an operating pressure of 250 bar and burst pressure of 750 bar.

Patented Technology

The patented breakthrough SwissFlow design is based on a lightweight rotor that floats almost without friction in the metered fluid, resulting in unparalleled accuracy, durability and linearity.
All SwissFlow sensors are made of high-grade plastics and composites with high chemical and thermal durability.


Real World Applications


Cooling Systems
The sensors receive excellent results in water-cooled regulating systems by professionals and hobbyists alike.....
Food and Beverage
Post mixed beverage systems, bar management systems, dosage regulating systems....